Work Experience

All year 12 students take part in a week’s work experience at the end of the autumn term. Undertaking a work placement can offer students plenty of real benefits for progressing into their chosen career.

Regardless of how much student’s think they have learned about their chosen career from their studies or research, they will learn so much more information and acquire so many skills from a work placement. You can never be really clued up on what a job entails until you have been working practically in that role.

Work experience gives students the opportunity to develop many of the transferable skills that will be important to them as they move into the next stage of their life, these might include: presentation skills, effective communication, teamwork and organisation.

The additional skills and knowledge gained during a work placement can often be directly applied to your studies and applied correctly can lead to better grades. This in turn will help students progress to the next stage of their career path more effectively.

Increasingly employers are looking for people with practical experience as well as academic achievements. Work placements offer the perfect opportunity to gain this kind of experience whilst still studying. An employer seeing any work placements on your CV will be more likely to consider you for the position.

Work Experience 2015

All Year 12 students have been successfully placed for a week’s work experience from December 14th – 18th. These placements include:

  • Castle Bromwich Library
  • Smith’s Wood Food Bank
  • Birmingham Airport
  • Moseley Hall Hospital
  • North Solihull Leisure Centre
  • St Johns Primary School
  • Barclays Bank
  • ASDA
  • Holiday Inn
  • Marketing Birmingham

The experience they have gained from this week will prove very useful to them when they are applying for University, College, Apprenticeships or jobs. They will be able to give practical examples of skills that have been developed and experiences they have had.

We would like to thank all the employers who have given our students the opportunity to work alongside them and I hope they will be able to continue to offer placements in the future.