Our Mission, Aims and Values


Smith’s Wood Sports College aims to provide transformational education in the local and wider community so that all learners who travel with us, both staff and pupils, understand that ‘learning comes first’; high standards are demanded; and commitment to the community is expected.

Our mission is…

learning together, succeeding together

We are an innovative College which fosters a love of learning, inspires every pupil to be ambitious and we demand high aspirations supporting pupils to exceed their potential. We encourage our pupils to develop individual and social responsibility by fostering healthy relationships, mutual respect, safety and collaboration between all members of our College community.

In order to implement our mission we aim to be:

  • an outstanding educational provider where every learner is given the opportunity to flourish and develop their full potential.
  • an institution where ‘learning really does come first’ and will be the main focus of all lessons; with a constant emphasis on maximizing learning time and individual potential. We will develop life-long learning skills which will empower and encourage independent learning.
  • a safe and secure College where every person matters. We will provide outstanding care, guidance, welfare, support and a commitment to equal opportunities.
  • a community of learners where achievement and attainment are valued and celebrated in a ‘can do’ culture. Where aspiration, ambition and high expectations are met with pride and a sense of achievement.
  • a centre of excellence for sport and healthy living. By using our excellent facilities we will become a beacon for the local and wider community.
  • the ‘destination of choice’ for all learners in the local and wider community, by offering a broad and balanced curriculum at every stage of their learning journey.