Future First Alumni Society




Did you go to Smith’s Wood School or Smith’s Wood Sports College?

Did someone you know go to Smith’s Wood School or Sports College?

We’re working in partnership with a charity called Future First to keep in touch with all our leavers – and their progress – and also to reconnect with our former students who have left over the years.

We would like to track down ‘older’ former students to ensure we have a wide range of contacts to support current students.

This is where you can help by spreading our sign up link everywhere – Facebook, twitter, e-mail and by word of mouth. You may have stayed in contact with a couple or bump into them in town.

Year on year, we hope the network will get bigger and bigger and it’d be great to have your support making sure this happens.

We have a personalised online link for former students which is below. Please do circulate it to anyone you know who used to attend the school/college and ask them to sign up to our network.

Former Students (those that have left pre 2014)


Current Students (those that are leaving in the 2014/15 academic year)


Alternatively you can just type Future First into a search engine and add in Smith’s Wood Sports College.