Football Misery for Sixth Form!

Staff versus sixth form. The gloves were off. No, more accurately, the gloves were never on because we couldn’t find them.

So, poor Matt took his place between the sticks with no protection from the thunderbolt shots raining in, wind-assisted, from the remotest parts of the astro-pitch.

The other item we couldn’t find was a ninth player for this 9 v. 9 encounter. The sixth form captain, Harry, offered our team the services of the referee, Year 10 Jacob, to even-up the contest.

What irony that proved to be when Jacob scored for the staff to tie the game at 6 – 6 with a minute remaining on the watch.

Substitute referee Lewis Fennell suffered a two-pronged attack in the closing seconds of the match – firstly from Winston, desperate for a couple of extra minutes to score his first English hat-trick – and secondly from the aged staff member – me – in need of the final whistle and a rest. Lewis made the sensible decision and tooted his Acme Thunderer to bring to a close the annual fixture.

Game drawn.

“Penalties! Penalties!” shrieked the sixth form players.

“No gloves,” came the reply.

Staff retained the silverware.