My Curry Song

Congratulations must go to Nathan Bekteshi following the fantastic piece of homework he recently submitted. 

Nathan has received the Principal Vivo Award, after being nominated by his Food Teacher; Mrs Morris-Walcott, for producing ‘My Curry Song’:

An Indian restaurant is a place

Of mystique, charm and full of grace

Spice galore for curry lovers

And milder dishes for the others

As you come through the door

So many dishes to explore

Whilst you wait with friends and mingle

You’ll feel your taste buds start to tingle.

Have a beer, a drop of rum

whilst nibbling a poppadum

Choose your main dish, it is nice

when served with a bhaji and a rice

Dishes can be hot or mild.

creamy, fruity, even wild.

Should you leave us to our own devices

we’ll make sure it’s full of spices.

From Bangalore, up to Delhi

Satisfying any belly

Catering for vegetarians too

With dhal, paneer and sag aloo

An Indian meal as you’ll discover

is simply unlike any other

A feast awaits you, wait and see.