A Cut Above the Rest


Budding stylist Adam


By James Williams

Hair dressing and styling in the new millennium brought back many blasts from the past including many short and long styles for both men and women. Under modern education requirements, wannabe stylists now have to climb education ladder – attending College and University – in order to be considered for a professional career on the outside world. Adam Winwood, a year-nine pupil representing Elm House, however, has already begun his journey on becoming one of the region’s brightest young stylists at the age of 14.

After styling his cousin’s hair over three years ago, Adam, who is the youngest of three brothers, admitted that it instigated a spark which set his aspirations alight. At the age of 11, Adam was already reaping the praise from his mum and dad and studied various techniques and styles from professional stylists across the world to develop his qualities.

“One day I was playing with my cousin’s hair and I really enjoyed it. My mum said I was really good at it so that’s where it started.”

Now, having three years of experience under his belt, Adam revealed that his Instagram account (@hair.by.adam), which promotes his work, has a staggering 15.3 thousand followers!

“Big hairdressers shared my stuff, which is how I’ve got so many followers. I upload work most days and the numbers keep increasing. I also share time lapse videos which shows me styling the hair – they’re popular.”

Not only is Adam a hit on social media, he already has a paid job in the industry as well. Through being recognised on Instagram, his ability led him to landing a Saturday job in a local mobile hairdressing salon.

“I work most Saturdays. It’s a mobile salon so it’s not one like you usually see. It gives me the experience so I can improve.”

Adam has already added an impressive list of experience to his CV, where he has met famous backstage stylists like Patrick Cameron at London Fashion Week and John Freeder at Salon International. In addition to this, Adam frequently travels down to Surrey in the half-term holidays to volunteer at James Davis’ salon.

“I go down to Surrey a lot to work in Clay Hair Salon with James. He is my idol. My most favourite style to do is definitely wedding hair. I like doing plats and hair up styles too. I have five mannequin heads with different coloured wigs and lengths so I can try new stuff.

“I have also been on master classes that have taught me tips on styling and cutting.”

In addition to his on-going voluntary work, part-time job of a weekend and attending fashion events, Adam hopes that he can secure an apprenticeship after Smith’s Wood Sports College.

“I want to do an apprenticeship after school. I want to make a career out of this and hopefully I can if I keep working hard.”