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Pixel Patience!

dscf5007Year 8 pupils can be seen here completing a MegaPixel in conjunction with the Manchester Science Festival during which these pixels will be used to build a ”gigantic pixel image display by colouring individual pixels using red, green and blue pens.

This will model the way computer LCD screens use red, green and blue light to display photographs and images, but on a much larger scale!

Manchester Science Festival will take place from 20-30th October , the pixel itself will be constructed from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th with each Pixel been hand coloured by a volunteer .

Penguelen Cottage Trip



On the 10th October a group of year 8 girls were taken to “Penyguelen” cottage in Wales.

The trip was a overnight residential stay where the group did a range of activities aimed at improving confidence, teamwork and self-esteem. The group had to learn new skills in a series of exciting tasks such as crab fishing, sawing logs and cooking healthy meals for one another. All students loved the trip and commented on how much they enjoyed being part of a team.

UCB Visit

The Travel and Tourism department recently took a number of Year 10 students to University College Birmingham for a Travel and Tourism careers taster day, as part of the Careers Education & Work Related Learning offered at Smith’s Wood Sports College.

This day involved giving students an insight into:

  • The World of Travel & Tourism at a Higher Education Level including Degree courses
  • Raising aspirations and dispelling myths or misconceptions about accessing Higher Education
  • Identifying individual strengths for careers in the future.
  • Obtaining information about the different types of jobs available in the Tourism industry

The trip was a huge success with many students have a clearer idea of the sort of careers they would like when leaving school. This is just one of the trips that we offer as part of our BTEC Travel and Tourism Level 2 course here at Smith’s Wood.

Young Writers Success

Smith’s Wood Sports College recently entered Young Writers’ Spine-Chillers mini saga competition.

We are delighted that a selection of our students have been successful and now have the opportunity to be published within a special anthology.

Spine-Chillers has proved popular with schools and the organisers received thousands of stories from all over the UK. Work has been selected for publication based on imagination, perception, expression and creative use of language. This is a great achievement for our students and we are very proud of them. The following students will have their stories published:

Aidan White

Jorja Lloyd

Matthew Goymer-Jones

Nianda Thomas-Robotham

Romay Francis

A copy of the book our students’ work appears in, Spine-Chillers-Alone in the dark, will be sent to the British Library and further libraries in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Maths Challenge

presentation1Year 9 and 10 (High Ability Learners ) at Smith’s Wood Sports College are preparing to take the UK Intermediate Challenge in February.
 ”The UKMT Individual Maths Challenges are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers, which are designed to stimulate interest in maths in large numbers of pupils. The three levels cover the secondary school range 11-18 and together they attract over 600,000 entries from over 4,000 schools and colleges.”

Pupils welcomed to Open Evening

dscf1004 dscf1011 dscf1066Pupils danced out of the door, one parent left astounded that her daughter actually held fire and another parent requested an application form! We hosted our annual Open Evening on Thursday 22nd September 2016 where over 140 prospective families walked through the doors of Smith’s Wood Sports College. Pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 took part in a wide range of activities whilst parents were able to witness the value, respect and belief in all staff and pupils currently associated with Smith’s Wood Sports College.

“I was supported phenomenally through every path I took”

Ethan Young, Digital Media Analyst

Ethan Young, Digital Media Analyst

Former Smith’s Wood Sports College student pursues media career

Written by Ethan Young

“At Smith’s Wood Sports College I studied A level Media Studies, Level 3 Diploma in Public Services and double I.C.T.

While studying these courses I was exceeding my expected progress level in all subjects. I initially chose Public Services as I wanted to join the Army, however, A level Media Studies really sparked my interest and became my most important subject although this did not knock my progress in any other subjects. I completed Public Services early with an extremely satisfied teacher! While completing my Media Studies, I came across many different challenges and hurdles to and met them with resilience and the determination to succeed. While studying at Smith’s Wood Sports College I was supported phenomenally through every path I took and every challenge I faced.

“The team were brilliant”

The team at Smith’s Wood were brilliant at resolving any problems and allowing me to really succeed through my chosen courses. They pushed me to do my best and due to this I have not only shown the many people around me what I can do, but I have also shown myself what I can achieve and this has really opened my eyes as to what I can now go for in life after Sixth Form. I now work as an apprentice for a K2 Business and CTC Kingshurst Academy. At these two companies I work closely with the Directors being in charge of Social Media and have overall responsibility for Web Development and Design. Also, with K2 Business I am in charge of the marketing side of the company. This includes me adding new courses that the company offer on to the website and social media and I also advertise these and therefore sell the courses for the company.

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Read if you dare…

If you think there is nothing better than reading a thrilling story, one that grips you so tightly and puts your senses on alert simply through the power of words, you are wrong…

Writing a story that includes unbearable tension, immense suspense and spooky atmosphere can be as exciting and rewarding!

The English department had cast spells on SWSC pupils, which made them say and write hair-rising, bewitched and electrifying mini-sagas. Pupils from KS3 and KS4 created their own original mini-sagas and submitted them for the National Young Writers Competition. Funny and creepy, scary and odd, the pupils’ work has been ignited by their imagination and with a little bit of extra work outside their usual lessons (!) they achieved truly inspiring and petrifying results.

Take a look below at some of our favourite so far.

Slide7 Stories Slide3 Slide2 Slide1 Slide6 Slide5 Slide4

World of Work Day

On Tuesday 12th July  Year 8 students had the chance to talk to a number of employers about the jobs they do. Attendees included: Solihull SOLO, WM Housing Group, Solihull College, Ex Students Alex Drinkwater who is a Chef & RAF Officer Jodi, Solihull Community Housing and the Police. Students had a great day.

One student from Bay house stated ‘I would like the chance to do volunteering work in the future, it seems like a really worthwhile opportunity’

World of work day