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A Cut Above the Rest


Budding stylist Adam


By James Williams

Hair dressing and styling in the new millennium brought back many blasts from the past including many short and long styles for both men and women. Under modern education requirements, wannabe stylists now have to climb education ladder – attending College and University – in order to be considered for a professional career on the outside world. Adam Winwood, a year-nine pupil representing Elm House, however, has already begun his journey on becoming one of the region’s brightest young stylists at the age of 14.

After styling his cousin’s hair over three years ago, Adam, who is the youngest of three brothers, admitted that it instigated a spark which set his aspirations alight. At the age of 11, Adam was already reaping the praise from his mum and dad and studied various techniques and styles from professional stylists across the world to develop his qualities.

“One day I was playing with my cousin’s hair and I really enjoyed it. My mum said I was really good at it so that’s where it started.”

Now, having three years of experience under his belt, Adam revealed that his Instagram account (, which promotes his work, has a staggering 15.3 thousand followers!

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My Curry Song

Congratulations must go to Nathan Bekteshi following the fantastic piece of homework he recently submitted. 

Nathan has received the Principal Vivo Award, after being nominated by his Food Teacher; Mrs Morris-Walcott, for producing ‘My Curry Song’:

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‘Best Trip Ever!’

220px-Muffin_NIHOn Friday 27th January 2017, two groups of Year 5 pupils from Kingshurst Primary School and Timberley Primary School visited Smith’s Wood Sports College to celebrate ‘National Chocolate Cake Day’.

Pupils made 6-12 chocolate muffins each and were a real credit to their primary school.

Pupils described the visit as “the best trip to a secondary school ever!” Thank you to both primary schools for attending and a huge thank you to Mrs Morris-Walcott for delivering both sessions.