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The Food department have started an after school club that will run every Thursday until the end of term. This opportunity is available for all year groups. If you require anymore information please speak with Mrs Morris- Walcott.

Food Club Week 1- Strawberry Napoleon

Food club






This year in Design and Technology we have created a range of exciting homework projects for year 7. We want your child to take control of their learning so that they make good progress and develop the necessary skills to become independent learners for life.

The homework projects are designed for students to work through over a 6 week period (1 project per term). This will give students a chance to collect and research ideas and understand how Design and Technology affects the ‘Wider World’.

Download the files here:


Year 7 Textiles homeworks

Year 8 Textiles homeworks

Year 9 Textiles homeworks


Year 7 recipes

Year 8 recipes

Year 8 Food Hwk 1 Food and our environment

Year 8 Food Hwk 2 Fruits and veg

Year 8 Food Hwk 3 Oils and fats

Year 8 Food Hwk 4 Sugar

Year 8 Food Hwk 5 Cereals

Year 8 Food Hwk 6 Maize

Year 9 Recipes

Year 9 Personal Study (Homework)


For an overview of the 2016/2017 food curriculum read here

For an overview of the 2016/2017 textiles curriculum read here