Key Stage 5 Media Studies

Read an overview of the 2015/2016 Media Studies curriculum here

A Level Media Studies

The Media Studies ‘A’ Level is split evenly between practical and theoretical study. In the first year, on the theoretical side of the course, pupils will learn how the British film industry operates, and how to analyse a piece of TV drama in detail. For the practical element pupils will learn how to plan and create the opening two minutes of a feature film. Pupils design all elements, including costume and animated titles.

The second year stretches pupils further, requiring them to delve deeply into theory that could be considered university level, and analyse their own work in forensic detail. The practical half of this year requires pupils to create a film trailer, and some print media texts, meaning that they develop skills in software and understanding for different media.

The course is challenging but is supported by great resources, including HD cameras and Apple Mac computers, running up-to-date software. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to apply what they have learned in ‘real world’ situations – the department regularly produces Sports Day videos and has collaborated with other departments in filming school projects.