Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

In December last year a select group of Smith’s wood students were trained as anti-bullying ambassadors. The purpose of this training was to safeguard other students in and around college. The anti- bullying ambassadors play a pivotal role in college to ensure the Smithswood way ethos is maintained. The anti – bullying ambassadors are in the KS3 library each lunchtime to help and give advice to vulnerable students. The following students are the current anti-bullying ambassadors

Charlotte Griffin (Head of Anti-Bullying)

Koby Hakesley

Niall McNally

Kirsty Pyle

Danny Lee

Kayleigh Roath

Chianna Dempsey

Megan Bathurst

Amy Hall

George Woods

Kayleigh Roath

Taylor Freeman

If anyone would like to speak with an anti-bullying ambassador or is interested in becoming an ambassador please speak with Mr Roberts.