Pupil Voice

Solihull Solo

On the 16th June, Paul from Solihull Solo came into Smith’s Wood to collect the donation given to them from Pupil Voice. Solihull Solo were over the moon with the kind donation of £2851.89 and explained to the children what the money is going to do for both adults and children in the local community.


The Big Charity Vote

Over the past 2 weeks all Smith’s Wood Sport College  students have been voting to decide which charity they wish all there hard earned money should go to. After all the votes were counted and verified it was decided that Solihull Solo would be receiving the money raised by the students. Well done to all students for raising an unbelievable £2851.89!

 Pupil Voice Maths Questionnaire

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The Big Charity Vote

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Pupil Voice Conference

On the 11th February Mr Roberts took a group of year 8 students to CTC to partake in a pupil voice conference with a variety of other schools in the North Solihull borough, the objective of the conference was to to create a project in the local community. The students suggested that they wanted to do a litter picking day. This was to promote recycling and raise awareness of how important it is to dispose the litter. All schools will be involved in the litter picking day which is due to happen in June.

Jubilee Gardens Care Home

On Wednesday 16th December some members of Pupil Voice visited a local care home to spread some festive joy to some of the residents at Jubilee Gardens care home. During the visit the students spoke with the residents and gave out some festive treats. They also designed a quiz for the residents which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The afternoon was finished off with some excellent carol singing by Bryanna Thomson. All of the residents and staff were overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the student’s. Well done to all students who contributed to this fantastic event.

Healthy Self Youth Conference

On the 27th November Mr Roberts and Mrs O’Donnell took 15 students to the Healthy Self Youth Conference at Park Hall Academy. The object of the day was to give the students more information and training on issues that surround many teenagers at the moment. These included such issues as radicalisation, sexual grooming, understanding autism and the dangers of social media. All students were very mature in their responses and dealt with all issues with a great degree of sensitivity.

Children in Need

Well done to all children who managed to raise a massive £550 for Children in Need on Friday 13th November. This money will help disadvantaged families across the country. A special thanks must also go to a year 11 student called Emilie Nash who managed to raise an amazing £50 from a cake sale she organised.

KS3 and KS4 leader votes are in!!!

A massive congratulations to Amy Whittam, Charlotte Griffin and Layla Kelly who were voted to become Pupil Voice leaders. Over 400 votes were cast. Thank you to all candidates who were involved in the process.

KS3 and KS4 leader vote!!!

Who do you want to represent you? Please click here and make your vote count!

 KS3 candidates

Corey Yates

Corey is a new Year 7 student at Smith’s Wood, Corey applied for the role of KS3 leader as he wants to help students achieve their target grades by building closer relationships with teachers. Corey has stated that he wants to be a great Leader and represent student’s views in a democratic way. Corey likes to go the gym in his spare time and has played Tag rugby for Birmingham council.

Charlotte Griffin

Charlotte is in year 9 and plays a very active part in the anti- bullying ambassadors. Charlotte has said that she would to like to help make a difference to all students and ensure their views are being heard. Charlotte will put in a lot of time and effort if elected leader and will always be available to talk. Charlotte also wants to continue her role as an anti-bullying ambassador and believes being part of pupil voice and anti-bullying will enable her to help more students achieve their potential. Charlotte likes to dance and listen to music in her spare time.

Matthew Goymer Jones

Matthew is another new year 7 student who has just joined Smith’s Wood. Matthew has said he would love to send food aid to 3rd world countries if he was elected leader. He would represent the other students in a democratic way and make sure all views were listened to equally. Matthew believes his previous experience as a school councillor in primary school will help him in the role. Matthew enjoys skateboarding and playing basketball in his spare time.

Maisie Coleman

Maisie is a year 8 student who wants to improve her leadership skills and the role of KS3 leader will allow her to do that. Maisie believes she can communicate well with both students and adults and will be able to pass on information to members of staff in an effective manner. Maisie wants to represent the students so she can change the school for the better. In Maisie’s spare time she loves playing football and supports Birmingham City FC.

Layla Kelly

Layla is a year 9 student and was a prefect in her primary school. Layla wants to be KS3 leader so she can try to help the school think of more ways to stop bullying. Layla wants to be able to feedback meetings and conversation she has with members of staff back to the students so they feel their voices are being heard. Layla is a good listener and will always try to listen to everyone’s views. Layla plays the piano and enjoys socialising with friends in her spare time.

Mason Rogers

Mason is a year 9 student at Smith’s Wood and is proud to be part of Smith’s Wood Sport College. Mason sees the role of pupil voice leader as an opportunity for him to help his own development but more importantly put the children first. Mason sees bullying as an issue in school and would like to support more students who have had experiences of bullying. Mason likes to socialise with friends in his spare time and also loves Drama.

Chloe Harper

Chloe is a year 8 student in college and wants all student to enjoy learning as much as she does. Chloe would like to help students build closer relationships with staff and try to ensure there is always a friendly working atmosphere. Chloe wants to be a good role model for all students and believes this role will allow her to do that. Chloe likes to dance in her spare time and is dancing at the Birmingham hippodrome on the 8th November!

KS4 Candidates

Katherine McLaughlin

Katherine is a year 11 student in college and wants to help build relationships between students. Katherine wants the opportunity to make a difference. Katherine would focus on the issue of bullying and would like to work alongside the Anti-Bullying ambassadors in providing more support for students. In Katherine’s spare time she loves to socialise with friends and family.

Amy Whittam

Amy is a year 11 student in college and wants to represent all students in a fair and democratic way. She believes that all student are entitled to their opinions and it is important to get a variety of different views from all students. Amy does have a lot of new ideas of how we can improve as a school and hopes she will be able to put these into practice. Amy has suggested that she would like to do more in college about bullying and ways to prevent it. In Amy’s spare time she likes to socialise with friends and family.

Brandon Griffiths

Brandon is a year 11 student and has expressed a keen interest in becoming KS4 pupil voice leader. Brandon hopes to be a positive role model to younger students and will always be available to offer advice to younger students. Brandon has suggested that he would like to try to prevent bullying in and around college. Brandon likes to socialise with friends in his spare time.

Time for celebration!!!

On Friday 25th September students from Smith’s Wood Sport college presented Queen Elizabeth Hospital with a payment of £527.15. The money was raised by all students who donated money during non-uniform days last year.

Smiths Wood Sports College Cheque Presentation

Queen Elizabeth Hospital were very thankful for the kind donation and put Smith’s Wood Sport College on their wall of fame.

Well done to everyone!