Vivo Rewards





Smith’s Wood Sports College works with ‘Vivo’, the leading online schools rewards scheme, to award its students for hard work, 100% attendance and for making good progress.

Pupils are awarded with points which they can then use in an online shop and buy everything from pens and keyrings to mobile phone vouchers and gaming accessories. Vivo awards are given by every member of staff in the College.

James Bott, who has achieved a whopping 8,035 Vivos, says: “Vivos are incredible, it shows that if you work hard, you will get rewarded…I love it!”

One of the most popular ways to spend Vivos by pupils at Smith’s Wood Sports College is to donate to charity, with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Cancer Research the charities of choice.

Parents, too, can check on the Vivos awarded to their children over the Vivo website.

Last week’s Vivo winner: Oliver Hatch

For further details on our awards system, contact Tracey Davis, Attendance Rewards and Awards
via 0121 788 4100 or visit