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Homework in Key Stage 3 at Smith's Wood Academy

Homework will help your child catch up if they have missed learning.  Fact.

Put simply, if a student works at home they do better at school.  If a student does better at school, they will secure brighter and better futures.  I am therefore changing the way we do homework at the Academy and as parents I need to insist that your son / daughter works at home regularly and its up to us to support each other with this. 

On Monday 1st November 2021, every child in year 7, 8 and 9 will bring home a ‘bundle’ of workbooks in maths, English and science.  An example can be found by clicking here.  Every student will be expected to complete certain pages from each book every day at home based on a very specific plan designed by our teachers.  The plan will be sent to you next week so you can begin discussing it with your son / daughter.

Students will be expected to complete 2 pages of 1 book per day plus 15 minutes additional reading (more information will follow around this).  On the remaining days students will complete homework in history, geography and / or Spanish.  You should expect your son / daughter to complete between 45 minutes and 1 hour of homework per day Monday to Thursday.

On the day of the homework being set, subjects will run study clubs after school to provide a quiet environment where students can complete their work if they wish to.

Students will be expected to bring their workbooks into the Academy the day after they complete their homework for it to be checked in lessons. 

Teachers will record and reward the completion of homework and we will inform you on a weekly basis if you child has not completed their homework.

A parent guide to homework  in key stage 3 (including the timetable) can be found by clicking here.