What is a young carer?

Young carers are children and young people aged 5 – 18, who look after someone (a family member or friend) who has an illness, disability, mental health condition or alcohol/substance dependency

When caring, young carers take on tasks that are expected of an adult.

Young Carers can carry out the following tasks:

  • Emotional support
  • Family responsibilities
  • House work
  • Medical care
  • Communication
  • Support with finance

Although caring can be deeply rewarding it can also consume a lot of time and physical and emotional energy.

What does Smith’s Wood Academy do to support Young Carers?

We understand that Young Carers may be dealing with a lot at home and therefore need someone to support, listen and guide.

At Smiths Wood Academy we have a designated member of staff – Miss Bartlett who works as our Young Carers Operational lead.

Miss Bartlett:

  • Supports Young Carers on a daily basis during mentor time.
  • Offers drop in sessions from 3pm – 4pm every Tuesday (Currently via eams)

Smith’s Wood offers drop in sessions from 3pm – 4pm every Tuesday for all Young Carers.

Who can I contact?

Your Young Carers Operational Lead is Miss Bartlett and can be contacted by using the designated Young Carers email address. Any student/parent/carer can use this email:

[email protected]

You can also contact:  Jenna Butcher – Senior Leadership team responsible for supporting Young Carers in school

Young Carers operational lead at school will:

  • Support with applications to the carers trust (please see below for further information on the carers trust)
  • Support with homework
  • Support with mental health and any emotional needs.
  • Support academically to ensure caring roles/responsibilities do not impact progress in school
  • Ensure that school is a safe and enjoyable place for young carers
  • Ensure that Young Carers always have somebody to talk to who understands.

If you think you may be a Young Carer, know someone who is or for any further information please use the email provided or call and ask to speak with Miss Bartlett. We respect that all information will be shared in confidence and we assure you your privacy will always be respected.

Who are the Carers Trust?

Carers Trust Solihull supports all Young Carers outside of school.

Carers trust run monthly youth groups and activities so that Young Carers can go and have some fun. They run a activities throughout school holidays, Young Carers can attend free of charge.

Carers trust offer emotional support through support workers, peer mentoring and befriending services.

For more information please visit the website  Carers Trust Solihull – Caring for carers of all ages (solihullcarers.org)  or speak to Miss Bartlett (Young Carers Operational Lead).



What other support is availible?

  • Medical support from our onsite medical advisor – Morgan Wright
  • Homework support during Tuesdays drop in sessions or one to one during mentor time
  • Emotional well beign support during Tuesday drop in sessions or one to one during mentor time

We are excited to be launching a peer mentoring programme in the new academic year 2021 – 2022…watch this space!