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Golden Snitch

As you stepped into the light-flooded area of the English department, you might have been unsettled by a pair of liquid eyes and a rather beaky nose, an unexpected picture of a striking figure in dressed in black satin from head to toe. As you moved around the college, fourteen more images – some vicious, roaring and snorting, the others…hmm…all oddly familiar- spied on you with their beady eyes, snarling and staring at you from all sorts of hidden and obvious places. And no, this is not a set from Harry Potter film, although you are getting warmer… This was a quiz for all year 7 Harry Potter fans that took place on, you guessed it, International Harry Potter Day

With over 70 entries from year 7 fans, it was joyous to observe the enthusiasm of our detectives as they tried to identify the ‘culprits’ scattered across the school before submitting their findings at the English hub. In the end, there were so many correct answers that the winner’s name had to be pulled from a hat and it was Cayden who emerged triumphant. Well done! The quiz proved to be a popular ‘transition between lessons’ activity, and the English Department is confident that there will be other brain teasers on the way!

Thank you to Mrs Niblett for organising the event.

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