Treasuring Opportunities to Learn

Treasuring Opportunities to Learn

Homework at Smith’s Wood Academy is referred to as Study.

All students have been given a Practice Book, and new students in year 7 have also been given a Knowledge Book. Year 8-11 should have their Knowledge Books from last year. The Practice Book can be used to complete Study, and the Knowledge Book is used to store Knowledge Organisers. The Knowledge Organisers are handed out by subject teachers, and contain information relevant to ensure students are able to master that particular Study task.

Both the Practice Book and Knowledge Book must be brought into school everyday. Students will reap the rewards of regular, purposeful study in the progress that they make across their subjects – students will begin to truly master units of work, seeing their rate of progress increase as a result. If students fail to complete Study, individual teachers may hold their own detentions.

Parents will also be notified of completion rates every half term. Study can be set by all subjects, although this may not be every week.

Read our Study Policy.