Meeting our Head Boy and Head Girl

Mubarak Hawadle

As part of my work experience with the English department, I was given a task of interviewing our new Head Boy and Head Girl.

These two students are key in keeping the school a safe and welcoming environment for all students. Out of 11 students that applied to be Head Boy and Head Girl, two stood out above the rest with their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to help make the school the best it can be. Today I found out what these two inspiring students had to say.

Serena (the Head Girl) said that she applied for the position so that “staff and students have a connection, and to better the school.” When asked how she was going to make the school a better environment she said that she was going to “work with the Head Boy to listen to the ideas of Prefects and the students and make those changes which will outlast our time at the school.” Serena also said that she has qualities that make her the best Head Girl that she can be and that make her the right person for the job: confidence in her abilities and her judgement, being able to think on the spot, having a creative mind-set and being trustworthy.
She said that doing this job has also helped her become more of a leader, and it has shown her that she is on the right career path.

Billy (the Head Boy) stated that he applied for the position so that he could “set a great example for how hard a Smith’s Wood student should work.” I also asked Billy what he thought he could do to better the school and help students, he said, “you should take any suggestions made by students and bring those suggestions to the senior leadership team which will implement those changes that make school life school easier for students.” Finally, I asked him what his main leadership qualities were; Billy replied, “I am always encouraging people to push and achieve the best they can be and be always motivated to get the outcome they desire”.

We wish Serena and Billy an exciting and successful year as Head Boy and Head Girl.