Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Message from the Head of Academy

I am proud to say that we have had the best start to an academic year that I can recall at Smith’s Wood. The year began with two very productive INSET days where we focused on developing our pedagogy and practice in relation to the mastery approach to teaching and learning. Specifically, we considered revising our approach to teacher-led explanations and direct instruction. The dissemination of highly complex subject knowledge is improving as a result of our recently introduced 5 year curriculum plans and associated Knowledge Organisers.

Students are also benefiting from our revised approach to marking – feedback. Live in-lesson feedback and deep feedback are fast becoming integral components of our lessons. We also hope that our teachers will benefit from this approach in terms of that work-life balance that appears to elude us all!

Our revised approach to Study (homework) will be launched after half term and I look forward to sharing the outcomes of this with you in the next edition of FMAT Connect.

I think it is fair to say that the plates are well and truly spinning, as they are every year; the difference is we have smiles on our faces and we no longer feel the ‘daily grind’.

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