Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Oops We did it again!

Last month, Smith’s Wood Academy was visited by a travelling theatre group that staged “A Christmas Carol” for year 9 and 10 students. The feedback from the students was excellent, full of positive comments and compliments.  To follow this success, a repeat performance has been organised for year 11 students. These students have been studying this novella for their GCSE course, and the arrangement is part of our English interventions.

As they watched the play, the students were reminded in a very visual way of the key events and characters in the book, and many were even invited to join in with this Christmas story on the very eve of Christmas (OK, perhaps not quite the eve!).

There are key quotations that are crucially important for the students to explain the characters, and place the story in its social and historical context; to hear those words brought to life like this really helps them.

 A big thank you from the English department to the teachers that supervised the students during the play., and to the theatre group for their riveting performance.

A reminder for all year 11 students that additional revision of the novella takes place on Mondays in LRC with Mrs Morris.

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