Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Pupil writes beautiful war poem

As part of the Academy’s WW1 Centenary activities of recognition, Benjamin created a poignant poem that is rich in sensory vocabulary and language techniques and is a true winner of the competition.




My brain aches with the bullets hissing over my head,

Whilst the white flashes blind my eyes

Leaving me stunned,

Leaving me no clue

Where, oh where am I?


Why have I been placed in this wasteland of war?

Why have I been abandoned, left to perish?

Glancing over to see my friends fall,

Their bodies lay there lifeless


The shiver up my spine silently spooks me

With every gust of wind winding me back to when I almost die,

Sharp shrapnel spewing out the blood of my allies

Their limbs have been lost,  hearts were shattered


Despite all of this we must push on

Letting the commanders’ words take control

Leading us to victory

Even though the sacrifice may be plenty


The memory of my wife is the only reason I press onward

To peer upon her eyes again warming my heart

To see my daughter who is only ten…

Their memories could break apart if I’m no longer in them


With all the frosted tears rolling down my face

Condemning us to an early demise

Why would they send us here?

I want to live! God save my life!

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