Smith’s Wood Academy is a special place to learn and work. Students that choose to study with us and colleagues that choose to work with us tell us what an incredible school this is. Smith’s Wood converted to an Academy with FMAT on 1st April 2017 and has never looked back since. At Smith’s Wood we do things differently; we do things the Smith’s Wood Way. We strive for excellence in all that we do; we are dedicated and ambitious for ourselves and each other. We truly believe that there is dignity in hard work and effort and we believe in taking a traditional approach – manners, courtesy and respect are integral to our work. We believe in being open and transparent and in working with absolute integrity. I am proud to say that this is a school where staff and students support each other and take collective responsibility.

Our aim is to prepare each and every student to succeed and to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Securing a successful and meaningful place in society for all of our children is our key driver. Smith’s Wood is proud of its knowledge based curriculum and the way in which we deliver it. Our very traditional approach to teaching and learning is carefully balanced with innovative approaches to pupil feedback and homework (Study). Smith’s Wood has traditional values and a firm approach to discipline, punctuality and uniform, but embraces the challenges of the 21st Century. As Head of Academy, I am incredibly proud of our school and its community; equally proud are our staff and students. I am relentless in my drive and ambition to improve the outcomes for all who choose to join us on our journey. Students and staff warmly welcome visitors to our school. Being part of the Smith’s Wood and wider Trust community is an exciting place to be – come and see what we are all about and just how amazing our students are. Smith’s Wood is a great place to work. It is a happy and student-friendly environment which relies on and thrives on the generosity and commitment of staff. There are high expectations and the pace of life is distinctly busy. Smith’s Wood is currently at a pivotal point in its long history; if you are seeking a position of employment then this is an exciting opportunity to be involved in transforming the future direction of Smith’s Wood to make it one of the leading schools in the country. Mrs Katy Craig Head of Academy