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The Winner Takes ALL!

Last term SWA students went ice-skating as a reward for their 100% attendance.

This day proved to be an exciting experience and this event is described by Danny Lee, Becky Chrimes and Kelsey Reid, year 11, who practised their article writing skills for their forthcoming GCSE exams.

Imagine you are on the ice-rink trying to perform the perfect pirouette in front of all your friends: your blades glide across the ice, each move is elegant and precise… Imagine your friends tumbling and falling in their first feeble attempts to skate, having a fascinating, fantastic and fabulous time… Well, next time this could be you!

When the ice-skating trip day finally comes, you come into school with a blazing ball of joy and delight awkwardly hidden inside of you. On the 28th March 2018, at the start of the day the grey skies did not look particularly welcoming, yet the festive mood of our participants was determined to make everything and everyone amicable and friendly: teachers, pupils and even the coach drivers. The sun was like a child trying to play hide-and-seek with the clouds: one minute you see it, the next – you don’t, but the pupils’ spirits were high. Playful, joyous, jubilant!

Fact. The reward is there to encourage SWA students to be at school every day. Scientists from a local university state that pupils will work harder and get into school on time if there is a reward given.

Fact. Rewarding the students for maintaining their excellent attendance has shown to give them motivation to come to school, as well as being an incentive for those who do not yet have a good attendance.

Fact. The research into this subject shows that rewards make the child feel praised and appreciated. Value and respect are important to everyone.

The Principal of the SWA, Mrs Craig, is confident that rewarding students for their 100% attendance can motivate other students (who don’t have a good attendance record) and will aim to improve the school attendance overall.

In an interview, Harvey (year 7) said, “Our trip was great fun, because we were able to skate holding on to a polar bear or a penguin. Without them we would fall!”  Libby B (year 7) in her review wrote, “Lots of people fell over, I was on the floor 5 or 6 times, however the attendants were really helpful”. Both interviewees were keen to return to ‘dancing on ice’ again.

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