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To Raise or Not to Raise?

During this week Smith’s Wood Academy (SWA) students and staff took part in a number of fund raising activities for Sport Relief.

Here, year 11 students Lucy and Lucy summarise their experiences of this event (and also practise their article writing skills for their forthcoming GCSE English):

Imagine you are wheelchair bound. Imagine you cannot leave the house on your own.

Imagine you are not able to walk at all. This is where Sport Relief funds can help.

On the 23rd of March SWA students and staff came in non-uniform (jeans and sportswear) to raise money for Sport Relief. Students contributed 50 pence towards this valuable cause. Every single penny raised will have a positive impact on someone’s life; every single penny will be used to aid people who needs help; every single penny will be converted into a pound.
Last year Sport relief raised over 50 million pounds. This is phenomenal! Wow! Smith’s Wood Academy is happy to be a part of the community that helps vulnerable people, across the UK and the world, to live happier, healthier and safer lives.

SWA is about playing a role in the community. SWA is about giving and not taking.

Although many people think that money cannot bring you happiness, on this occasion, we think that it can; it can change lives and it can improve lives.
Another exciting event was a morning 6-mile walk. Students and teachers were united together in this fun community service. On their arrival back to school, they have been met with medals and smiles.

At lunchtime, during the Sport Relief week, students tried their hand at different sports: badminton, basketball, table tennis and cricket. To crown the week, our three dedicated students ‘walked their age’ (in miles!) : Rupert Ryan, Jason Passco and Ann-Marie Lewis walked 13 miles; Mr Mac was not that lucky and had to complete his 48 miles. He finished it at 11pm but don’t tell anyone!

One student (who did not want to disclose their name) said,” I have great respect for those people who walked an extra mile and put an extra pound in the pot, because it brings communities together. It is absolutely brilliant!”
In addition to that, a badminton tournament has been organised where students and staff alike competed for the first place.
Well done to Kirsty Pyle and Mr Hart, our reigning champions!

SWA always supports charities 100 per cent. We are proud support national and local organisations. To raise or not to raise, the choice is yours! Make it a smart decision.’

If you would like to submit an article for the web-site or a school magazine, you could do so by contacting Mrs Morris or Mrs Watt.

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