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Eco Club

Eco Code

Our students have created  an Eco code in order to support our community in being more eco friendly:
Eco Code

Here are some helpful posters created by our students on how to help look after our environment

Eco Updates

October Update – Moss Safari
This Month Eco club have worked in collaboration with Science club to look at the biodiversity in our pond area within our Academy. We collected Moss samples and used microscopes to observe the micro-organisms that live within our pond ecosystem.

November Update – Bird Feeders
This month Eco club have created bird feeders in order to support the local wildlife through the winter. We can’t wait to see what species of bird we attract in our local community.

December Update – Food Bank
This month Eco club worked with our whole school community to fundraise for our school food bank which supports and students and their families. 

January Update – Bug Hotel 

This month it has brilliant to see our students taking their passion to make our school environmentally friendly into the community. For example the creation of bug hotels and the crowing of wildflowers to support wildlife in their gardens.


February Update – Litter Pick

This month, Eco club joined together with our community to complete a litter pick in the local area. It was great to see so many students working together with staff to make an impact and reduce the pollution in our area. 

March Update – Seed Bombs

This month, Eco club collaborated with science club to create seed bombs to distribute around the academy. These seed bombs contain 63 different types of wildflower which will support wildlife in and around our academy. 

April Update – Earth Day

This month we celebrated Earth Day. With this years national theme being planet vs plastics, Eco Club collected plastic to reuse to create other resources to support life and learning around the academy. 

May Update – DT
This month, our year 8 students have been making jewellery out of recycled plastic to help to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world. Supporting Eco Club’s drive to reduce litter and save resources.

June Update – First Aid
This month it has been fantastic see some of our Year 9 and 10 students learning the key life skills of first aid. This helps our drive towards being better global citizens as we can help each other in times of need.