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School Prefects
Our Prefect Team at Smith’s Wood Academy is something we are very proud of. This Team of young people volunteer their time and skills to play a crucial role in our school community, and they truly rise to that challenge. The students take on a specific Leadership role and use their individual strengths and passions to complement the positive work around the school.

The Prefect System is highly respected by our students and they wear their special pins and lanyards with pride. Our Prefects are positive role models and help to promote the ethos of the school by supporting both staff and students in everyday tasks, events and initiatives.

Our students are eligible to apply for this position at the end of year 10, if they meet the criteria relating to attendance, punctuality and behaviour, and if they feel they have the qualities needed to be successful in the role.


The Prefect System at Smith’s Wood Academy
From 2023, the Prefect system is being enhanced.

The Prefect Team consists of four sub-teams, each based on four key areas: Community, Equality & Diversity, Anti-bullying and House Captains. Each team is led by a Deputy Head Prefect. Above those sit our two Head Prefects.

Perks of the Job

As reward for their hard work and dedication, prefects at Smith’s Wood Academy:

Have a dedicated space just for them
Have a Prefect tie and lanyard
Jump the queue pass

Training for the Future
Being in one of our prefect teams provides excellent training and experience for the world beyond school. It enhances a pupil’s early CV, builds confidence, and helps turn young people into leaders with integrity.

All our meeting dates can be found here Student Leadership Calendar