LionHeart Challenge meets Smith’s Wood Sports College

LH1Report by Holly Rowley

The LionHeart Challenge is a National Enterprise Programme, which involves school students partaking in a high energy, and high impact business challenge, delivered by extremely skilled and dedicated business coaches.

The LionHeart Challenge offered their knowledgeable skills and services to the Year 9 students of Smith’s Wood Sports College, on 23 January. The programme is designed to help the students learn and develop various skills, ranging from planning and presentation to finance and marketing.

Pamela O’Connor a consultant from The LionHeart Challenge stated “the programme is a really good introduction to the work place” she went on to say “it allows the students to use their transferable skills, as it requires knowledge from the STEM agenda (Science, Technology, English and Maths), and students have found the programme very useful”.

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Value, Respect, Believe

poetryOn Tuesday 13 January, 12 pupils from Smith’s Wood Primary Academy joined 4 year 7 leaders to enjoy a morning of looking at the “Smith’s Wood Way” through different games and poetry. 

The three key ideas of “Value, Respect, and Believe” we looked at in detail, and students were asked to think about the different things in their lives which they value, respect, and believe in.  Pupils then wrote a range of different poems in groups, pairs, and on their own, and this culminated with the Smith’s Wood Way Tree, which is now proudly displayed in our Key Stage 3 Learning Resource Centre

Foodbank hampers from Smith’s Wood Sports College

Annalise Goldingay, Holy- Eva Franks, Robyn King and Megan Brown helping deliver the hampers.
Annalise Goldingay, Holy- Eva Franks, Robyn King and Megan Brown helping deliver the hampers.

On Tuesday 16th December, 4 students represented Smith’s Wood Sports College in the local community, delivering over 35 hampers to the community Foodbank in Smith’s Wood. 

These hampers were beautifully decorated in the spirit of Christmas in all manner of ways, from a house with opening windows to Santa’s sleigh; but they all bore the evidence of lots of hard work from the students at the college. The hampers contained all manners of festive fayre, from Christmas chocolate to Christmas crackers, as well as regular non perishable items of all sorts of tinned food.  The students enjoyed the opportunity to help the local community this Christmas, as well as the opportunity to help actually deliver the hampers in person.

Future First Alumni Society




Did you go to Smith’s Wood School or Smith’s Wood Sports College?

Did someone you know go to Smith’s Wood School or Sports College?

We’re working in partnership with a charity called Future First to keep in touch with all our leavers – and their progress – and also to reconnect with our former students who have left over the years.

We would like to track down ‘older’ former students to ensure we have a wide range of contacts to support current students.

This is where you can help by spreading our sign up link everywhere – Facebook, twitter, e-mail and by word of mouth. You may have stayed in contact with a couple or bump into them in town.

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